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At Home Manicure Tips

At home in-between manicure tips by Kat Smith: It's understandable that not everyone can come in to the salon for regular manicure appointments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have absolutely gorgeous nails at home! Start your nails off right by having a professional manicure to set the stage. A professional manicure can get your cuticles back into…
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5 Quick Holiday Hair Fixes

We've all been there... you got up early to do your hair and makeup (which looks fabulous) but then the constant checking in the oven, stirring steamy pots and all the last minute to-dos begin to pile up. Next thing you know, your guests are about to arrive and your fab hair is now a hot mess. Here…
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Happy Holiday Hands

Make a great impression this season with gorgeous, soft hands by getting a manicure! When you come in for a manicure you're getting more than just your nails painted. When you come in for a manicure you are getting a 5 stage experience:  1) Soaking to soften cuticles for trimming and removing thick or peeling cuticles, 2) exfoliating dry skin…
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