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5 Reasons to Buy Professional Salon Products

5 reasons to buy professional salon grade products for your hair and skin: 1) Salon products have a higher volume of active ingredients. 2) Salon products are more concentrated so you need less product and get the best results. 3) Salon products are perfectly balanced; they act like a prescription addressing specific hair and skin needs. 4) Salon…
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Sweater Weather and Your Hair

Do you welcome or woe sweater weather? The transition from season to season is a refreshing change but it can cause hair challenges. As the heaters get turned on in the car and the house you may start to notice your hair has a lot of static charge. This is because the more you expose…
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Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

In the summer your hair can run the gamut from parched and breaking to frizzing out of control. So we've put together some tried-and-true tips to keep your lovely locks looking good all summer long.   Problem: Chlorine is damaging and discoloring your hair. Solution: Slow chlorine absorption by soaking your hair in fresh water, wringing it…
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