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5 Reasons to Buy Professional Salon Products

5 reasons to buy professional salon grade products for your hair and skin: 1) Salon products have a higher volume of active ingredients. 2) Salon products are more concentrated so you need less product and get the best results. 3) Salon products are perfectly balanced; they act like a prescription addressing specific hair and skin needs. 4) Salon…
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Solutions to Curl Drama

Curly Hair Solutions by Sabrina Chavez If you have curly hair you know every day is an adventure! Some mornings you wake up and it's like mother nature hates you; the air is humid and the wind has a personal vendetta against you. Your hair has frizzed to five times its normal size and you…
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Moringa for Beautiful Hair

MoringaPLEX™ utilizes Moringa leaf oil as its active main ingredient.  Moringa oil is rich with protein, vitamins, 9 essential amino acids and 36 anti-inflammatories that help heal, protect and revitalize your hair. Suitable for all hair types, MoringaPLEX™ pre-style leave-in spray creates healthy hair that is quick to style. Considered a "powerhouse" styling aide, MoringaPLEX™ helps to: Detangle Add Volume Create Shine Seal Damaged Ends Protect…
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