Behind the Scene of Our Hair Photo Shoot

What goes into a hair photo shoot? A lot of prep work, talented stylists and technicians, amazing models, and a fantastic photographer!

At Modern Concepts Salon we try to keep our website fresh by adding new photography a couple times a year. Trying to carve out the time for a photo shoot at a busy salon can be daunting, but our photo shoot days are always fun and keep a buzz in the air. Guests love to see what’s going on and many have even booked their own shoots with our photographer!

We have been working with photographer Javier Pierrend for over 5 years. His creative eye has helped bring our shoots up a notch. His professionalism and charm have helped to bring out the best in our guest models.

We have always used our own guests as models. We believe everyone is beautiful and has something to offer. You don’t have to be a professional model to have a little fun with the camera. This is where having a fantastic photographer comes in handy. Having someone behind the lens that can calm nerves and bring out a shy personality really makes all the difference in the world.

Our stylists love working with their guest for our shoots. It goes back to the upbeat buzz that gets created during the shoot. The prep day is where the real work comes into play. About a week prior to the shoot our models come in for their color, highlighting and precision cuts. Our stylists make sure everything is perfect so the day of the shoot they just need to give their models a blow out and do some light styling. We use Eufora professional hair products for everything from color to finishing touch styling aides.

bts- karleyOur models start to get excited as their stylist starts to blow out their hair and begins to style them for their first photo set. The energy becomes almost palpable as the time for the actual picture taking draws close. Our makeup artists are standing by for full makeovers or just to touch up a little shine, and we always use Face Stockholm makeup for a professional flawless look.

As the models take position and the lights turn on, salon guests begin to filter over to our shooting area and watch with curiosity. With the snap of the first picture the smile chain reaction starts from model, to photographer, to stylist, to our other salon guests.  This is why we love photo shoot days at Modern Concepts Salon.


Today’s Models
Cindy Small- Mother of two and Fashion Blogger at * Hair by Angela Cherry Zagorites and Makeup by Caitlin Davis

Karley Hoover- Actively pursuing her dream to become a stylist * Hair and Makeup by Caitlin Davis

Photographer Javier Pierrend –

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