Winter Hair Defense

Earlier we blogged about Sweater Weather and your hair. Why so much talk about frizz and static electricity? Because it is the number one complaint from our guests in the winter months. In winter, people often forget to protect their hair with simple things like using a leave-in conditioner.

Winter’s wind, snow, icy rain plus the drying effects of indoor heated air all take a toll on your hair.

No need to get the winter blues over your bad hair days! Our stylist Ayda has put together some great tips to help you keep your lovely locks looking their best.


1. Replenish lost oils and lock in moisture.
Weekly deep condition your hair. This doesn’t mean you are to leave your normal conditioner on longer. Deep conditioners are designed to penetrate deeper, delivering nutrients to the hair shaft and hold more moisture in the hair.

Salon Tip: Consult with your stylist to determine what kind of deep conditioner will work best for your hair type.

2. Hydrate while you cleanse.
In the summer you may require a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of chlorine and mineral deposits. In the winter you need as much moisture as possible to combat hat-head, frizz and static. Choose a hydrating shampoo for your winter hair care. Also, you may not need to cleanse as often as you did during those sweaty summer days.

Salon Tip: Over cleansing can actually cause your scalp to produce extra oils making it look greasy. If you have excess oils, use a dry shampoo at the root to give a little volume boost while reducing oils.

3. Dry your hair smarter.
Make sure your hair dryer is working for you not against you. Use a hairdryer with Tourmaline crystals and a ceramic core.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral used in many professional tools. Tourmaline sends out ions which closes the cuticle layer to help repair your hair and maintain healthy frizz-free shine and softness.

Ceramic core dryers distribute heat evenly, unlike their electric coil competitors. Ceramic core dryers deliver shorter drying times and help to maintain your hair’s natural oils, moisture and shine.

Salon Tip: Use the nozzle attachment to direct airflow down to reduce frizz and flyaway hair.

4. Avoid over drying your hair.
Use a thermal protectant when using heat styling tools to reduce moisture loss and protect hair from becoming singed.

Salon Tip: If you find yourself becoming a flat iron diva, look into getting a smoothening treatment. Keratin smoothening treatments use keratin to fill in gaps in hair’s cuticle. The treatment will strengthen hair, deflate curl, dramatically reduce frizz, add shine and create smoother hair.

5. Rid yourself from static and frizz.
Using a spray-in dry oil adds shine, locks in moisture and blocks out static and frizz. Keep a bottle in your car or at work so maintain control over flyaways all day. The beauty of a dry oil is, when used properly, it doesn’t weight down your hair or make it look greasy. Talk to your stylist about how to use dry oil sprays.

Product Pick: Eufora’s Illuminate Shine Mist. Infused with squalene,  a lightweight oil derived from the skins of olives, Illuminate will add shine that lasts all day. (Click to learn more about Illuminate Shine Mist)

Ayda is a stylist, makeup artist and Eufora educator. To view her full profile click here.

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