What Everyone with Curly Hair Should Know

What Everyone with Curly Hair Should Know by Ayda Izadpanah, Stylist (click for her bi0)

CurlyCurly hair doesn’t have to be a hassle to handle. There are certain things you can do to better tame your curls and enjoy your hair in it’s natural state.

First, always take a wide tooth comb in the shower with you. You should comb out your hair as you’re rinsing off your conditioner. This may sound strange but combing through curls when out the shower and your hair is already wrung out (even slightly) causes separation of your curls and can lead to frizz. Speaking of wringing out the excess water, use a microfiber towel, cotton t-shirt or paper towel to blot/squeeze excess water out. Never rub hair dry. Rubbing creates friction that causes frizz as do more regular towels.

Second, steer clear of Silicone when choosing your conditioner. This synthetic material is an active ingredient in many containers & 99% of shine products. It essentially rubber/plastic derived material. It will cost your hair strands in the end. It may feel soft at first but over time it will be sealed around the cuticle and prevent water absorption and ultimately will weigh your hair down. I highly recommend the product line Curl’n by Eufora . Instead of using silicone they use Silica, which is sand derived. Silica creates shine and is water soluble! ?

Third, although curly hair craves moisture and loves products it doesn’t need to be overly cleansed. Curly hair doesn’t need to be shampooed and conditioned daily or even every other day. Once to twice a week is usually sufficient. To keep your curls from frizzing out on day two or three, use products that are light, alcohol-free and can be applied without buildup.  Eufora’s Perfect Curl Activator revitalizes curls without weight to combat frizz and unwanted odor. It is the must have product to give back some bounce to your curls. (Click for more information on Perfect Curl Activator)


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