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Who doesn’t want loads of volume in their hair? No, not that 80s kind of aqua net volume, but light airy volume that is full of lift and bounce.

Beautiful hair that is full of volume is easier than you may think. Even if you have thin hair, you can have “va-va-va-vume” hair that looks great everyday. Here are five simple steps to create quick volume that lasts all day.

1. Start with a clarifying or volumizing shampoo and conditioner to rid hair of excess oils and products that can weigh hair down. Many people feel conditioner will weigh down their hair so they skip it. A good bodifying conditioner actually restores proteins to create thicker fuller hair. So opt in for conditioner (also conditioners help to detangle hair, If you try to comb out tangles without conditioner you may end up breaking your hair).

2. Squeeze out dripping wet hair then flip hair upside down and dry with a hair dryer to a damp stage (about 50% dry).

3. Apply your volumizing products like Eufora’s Volume Fusion styling spray and Eufora Boost to your damp hair. Continue to dry a little longer, but do not dry completely (about 90% dry).

4. With your hair still ever so slightly damp, section it off and finish drying from the bottom layers up.  Dry hair by using a 2.5- 3″ round brush and a ceramic tourmaline hairdryer with the nozzle attachment.  Keep the nozzle close to the brush moving the brush and dryer in sync in a downward motion. Dry each section using the round brush and nozzle to completely dry and smooth.

5. Finish your style with the cool setting on your dryer to “set” your hair. Use a light hair spray to keep your hair full of movement.

Salon Tip:
If you still need a little volume, apply Eufora’s Powder Lift to underside of small sections of hair and gently tap powder lift. Tousle hair at the roots to plump up volume and gently brush smooth into your style.

Product Picks:
Shampoo: Eufora’s Volumizing Shampoo. This shampoo has Keratin amino acids to help restore body and manageability to thin and limp hair.
Conditioner: Eufora’s Daily Balance or Eufora’s Aloe Conditioner. Both are for light weight conditioner that nourish and moisturize hair.
Volume Fusion: Styling aid to add volume and fullness especially at the root.

For more information on Eufora’s Volumizing Line CLICK HERE.


Photo By Eufora International

Need More? Remember to PRT! Part, Roll or Tease your hair into volume!
* Part your hair to the opposite side for extra volume around your face. Give yourself a deep side part for even more lift.
* Roll your hair in hot rollers while doing your makeup or making your breakfast. A quick 15-minutes in hot rollers is all you need to build up volume. When you remove the rollers make sure to let your hair completely cool before gently brushing into your style. Finish with a light weight spray.
* Tease your hair at the base all the way around your crown for all over volume. Tease from the root in short quick strokes and spray each teased section. Then gently smooth over for a finished look.

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