Top Beauty Questions for 2015 Answered!

As 2015 comes to an end, our team answers 5 of the most searched beauty questions in 2015 according to Google’s “Year in Search”.

1nail1.  How to Remove Gel Nail Polish?
Nail Technician Kat answers with a warning that professionally applied gel polish such as Shellac should be professionally removed. But if you just can’t wait for a nail appointment, following these steps will help to protect your nails during the removal process:

  • You will need 100% Acetone, cotton balls and foil strips.
  • Soak 10 cotton balls with Acetone and set in a bowl.
  • Use one cotton ball per nail.
  • Wrap nails with strips of foil to hold the cotton balls in place.
  • Wait 15-20 minutes before trying to remove gel polish.
  • Using the flat side of an orange wood stick, gently scrape polish off moving from the nail bed down to the tip.

If polish is still stuck, reapply cotton ball and foil and wait another 3-5 minutes. You don’t want to scratch or damage your nail bed by scraping off stuck polish, it should scrape easily.

french     2.  How to French Braid?
Stylist and Braid Enthusiast Pear answers:

  • Thoroughly brush your hair to ensure it is tangle free and smooth.
  • Starting at the top of your crown, section your hair into three equal pieces. Each of these sections will be referred to as A, B, and C (left is section A, middle is section B, and C is the section to your right).
  • Cross section A over section B so that A in is now in the middle( of the three sections).
  • Cross section C over section B so that C is now it in the middle.
  • Continue this pattern of criss-crossing AND pick up new hair to add to each A and C section as you braid (about ½” of hair each time)
  • Always pull or tug the hair that has been crossed to keep the braid tight.
  • Finish your braid when there is about 2” of hair remaining, fasten with a hair tie.

1cleanse3.  How to Get Glowing Skin?
Esthetician Ayse answers with 5 easy steps:

Start by having a skin analysis by a professional esthetician to determine the right products for your skin’s specific needs. What works for a person with oily skin will not work for a person with rosacea or dry skin.

  • Cleanse- Start your daily beauty regimen with thoroughly cleansed skin. You need to remove access oils and any build up on the skin before applying a moisturizer.
  • Moisturize- Use a moisturizer with an SPF under makeup
  • Cleanse- Before bed remove all makeup/ build up by cleansing your skin thoroughly.
  • Exfoliate- Use an exfoliate at night to remove dead cells and deep buildup. DO NOT OVER SCRUB SKIN. Skin doesn’t need to be rigorously scrubbed, let the exfoliate do it’s job by using just your fingertips to rub on. Use a circular motion as you apply.
  • Moisturize- Apply a deep penetrating serum or moisturizer as your final step before bed.

Product Recommendation: Image Skincare Line

1braidtwist4.    How to Put Braids in a Bun?
Stylist Sabrina answers with two ways to wear the “Mock” Braided Bun:

  • Lightly apply a smoothing oil or spray to hands and apply to hair then brush hair smooth.
  • Use a flat iron to ensure your hair is free from any curl or bumps.
  • Brush hair into a low ponytail at the bottom of the occipital bone (the end of the round part of your skull) and secure it tightly.
  • Braid down the length of the hair and secure the ends.
  • Flip the braid up and hold tightly in place in the center of your head.
  • Tuck the ends under and pin the braid in place.

Second option is to take the braid and wrap it around the ponytail and pin in place for a low braided bun look. If you have very long hair you can do this style as a top knot too.

1static5.  How to Get Rid of Staticy Hair
Stylist Irene answers the static hair problems often associated with winter’s dry air:

  • Prevent moisture loss caused by heated tools by using products that protect hair for the damage these tools can cause.
    • Product Recommendation- Thermotect by J Beverly Hills.
  • Add moisture back into your hair by deep conditioning at home.
    • Product Recommendation: Masque by J Beverly Hills.
  • Stop it before it starts! Use a professional ionic hair dryer that has a ceramic heating element and tourmaline crystals to eliminate the electric charge that creates uncontrollable static. Bonus, a quality ceramic ionic dryers will significantly reduce your drying time.


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