Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

In the summer your hair can run the gamut from parched and breaking to frizzing out of control. So we’ve put together some tried-and-true tips to keep your lovely locks looking good all summer long.


Problem: Chlorine is damaging and discoloring your hair.

Solution: Slow chlorine absorption by soaking your hair in fresh water, wringing it out, then applying a leave-in conditioner. After a swim, use a clarifying or detoxifying shampoo to pull out residual chemicals and minerals. For exceptionally hydrated hair use a deep conditioner every week to seal in moisture.

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hatsProblem: Sun damage.
Solution: Studies have shown that UVB rays deplete your hair of essential oils and proteins creating dry frizzed hair. By using a leave-in thermal protectant with added UV protection you can still use your heat styling tools and feel free to frolic outside under the sun. Another great idea is to go ahead and buy that cute floppy hat. They’re not only super fashionable, they also protect your hair and face from sun damage.

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Laura pontytailProblem: Your hair is in your face and driving you crazy.
Solution: Outside of getting a new style with heavy fringe (very popular right now), you can put your hair up with a fabric-based elastic tie. Yes, the ponytail has made a comeback. No longer seen just on little girls, ponytails are a quick and easy solution to getting your hair up and out of your face. To avoid breakage use a ponytail holder that is fabric without any metal clasps and never use a rubber band.  Want this look? Click here to check out 7 simple steps to the perfect popping ponytail.


Precision CutProblem: Split Ends.
Solution: Trim up your ends every 4 weeks. Your hair ends are often more dry and damaged compared to the rest of your hair’s strand. This can lead to splitting which will make your hair look and feel damaged. Don’t have a stylist? We’ve got your covered! Check out all our stylist bios by clicking here.

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