The Knotted Braid

Braids are the runway’s go-to hairstyle. They are a perfect style solution for the model who has multiple changes as the braid keeps flyaway hair out of the face. From the messy knotted braid to something more sophisticated and finished, braids are seen everywhere from the farm to Hollywood’s red carpet.

Once you get the hang of it, braiding can be easy and give you a variety of looks. As you begin to hone your skills you will find yourself looking up more and more tutorials. Just remember, practice makes perfect. Your first braid may look like a hot mess, but keep practicing and soon you will master your signature look!

knotted braidThe Knotted Bang Braid

1) Begin with dry hair
2) Add in a little root plumper or texturizing spray to the bangs & crown
3) Gently brush hair and do a deep part over to one side
4) Start with a small section of hair from the corner part and split in half (create two strands)
5) Simply tie the two strands into your first knot (like the beginning loop when you tie a shoelace) and pull snug against your head
6) Add in two new small sections of hair to your current two sections (pulling the hair from beneath the current knot and splitting it in half)
7) With your new combined two sections, tie your next knot
8) Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you reach just above your ear
9) Tie off end with an elastic and bobby pin under the rest of your hair
10) Finish with a little shine mist for a loose look or with a frizz eliminating hair spray for firmer hold

Stylist Tip: This style is perfect to get wind blown bangs out of your face and also looks great in a low ponytail!

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