Sun-sational Makeup Tips

Summer is here which means pools, patio dining, beach vacations and the warm sun brightly shining on your sun-kissed skin.  Sounds fantastic doesn’t it? But women know the truth; that bright warm sun is often accompanied by a little “dew” (aka sweat) that can make you look more sun-smudged than kissed.

No woman wants her foundation to literally be melting off her face and have her mascara smear to the side of her nose or slide down to her cheeks.  We know that “hot mess” look was not what your were hoping for when you walked out the door.

So here are a few tips we put together to help you look “hot” rather than “hot mess” this summer


1. Base Basics

prevention plusMost women start their makeup application with their base or foundation. However, cream based foundations can begin to look baked, caked and just plain yucky after a few hours out-and-about on a hot summer day. Here’s a simple way to not knock out three basic facial needs in one simple step- use a three-in-one tinted SPF moisturizer to give your face a flawless and protected sun ready base. Why use a tinted SPF moisturizer? First, dermatologists recommend SPF protection for anyone who is outside for more than 20 minutes. Second, the hot summer sun can dehydrate skin. Using a daily moisturizer is very important to keep skin hydrated and stop it from looking dull and flaky. Third, why use a heavy foundation when a good tinted SPF moisturizer can give you just enough coverage to even out your skin tone and leave your face feeling fresh and light? There you have it, a simple three-in-one solution to give your skin lightweight protection and coverage.

Salon Product Pick: Image Skincare Prevention+, tinted formula.


2) Glowing Goddess

facestockholmbronzer_1_gmIf you’re looking for cheeks that glow, choose a bronzer over a blush for cheeks that look sun-kissed rather than rosy red. Many mineral based bronzers last longer than brushed on blush and its easy to reapply throughout the day if needed.

Salon Product Pick: FACE Stockholm Bronzer



3) Smudge-less Smiles

smudged lipstickDon’t want your smile to be smudged or have lipstick on your teeth? Remember any cream-based product is going to smudge in the summer heat, not to mention the possibility of it melting in your favorite beach bag! If your looking for a little extra color for your fantastic smile, try a lip stain instead of your normal lipstick.

Salon Tip: To make the stain last longer occasionally dab on your favorite lip balm (look for an SPF balm for even more smile protection).


4) Tinted Twinkle

eyelas-beforeAfterDon’t ruin the twinkle in your eye with mascara that runs or clumps when wet.  Tint your lashes black to give them a light mascara look. Your eyes will still have plenty of pop to keep your eyes sparkling bright.

You can tint your brows too! So put away creamy brow pencils or gels, by tinting your brows a few shades darker you can still achieve your desired look without fear of having a brow smudged and ruined by a towel. I mean who wants to look like they have only one eyebrow right? Tinting is safe and lasts about 4-6 weeks!

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