Solutions to Curl Drama

Curly Hair Solutions by Sabrina Chavez

If you have curly hair you know every day is an adventure! Some mornings you wake up and it’s like mother nature hates you; the air is humid and the wind has a personal vendetta against you. Your hair has frizzed to five times its normal size and you can’t do a thing with it. Then there are those “other” days, those days when the planets seem to be in perfect alignment. Your hair has beautiful ringlets that perfectly frame your face and you have the most amazing bounce and body. As you walk the birds are literally singing and you know your hair is rockin’ it! If this sounds familiar then you know… curly hair has a mind of its own.

Good news! There are things you can do to help you have more of those amazing curly days! Here are a few simple tips to help you have the curls you’ve always dreamed of:

  • DO NOT Brush Your Curls! Brushing curly hair will create unwanted frizz and frizzyhair1annoying static. You should detangle your hair with your fingers or a wide pick and only when conditioner is in. Tip: Using your fingers or a wide toothed pick allows your hair to fall into its natural curl pattern.
  • DO NOT Towel Dry Hair! Towel drying causes a Velcro-like friction and will create even more unwanted frizz. If you need to dry your hair after cleansing or swimming, blot it- don’t rub it.  Tip: Use a paper towel, micro-fiber cloth or cotton t-shirt.
  • DO NOT Cleanse Daily! Over-cleansing your hair will dry it out.If you feel like you need to refresh your curls just wet your hair down and recondition, then apply styling products, and your hair should bounce right back.


  •  DO Moisturize: When cleansing & conditioning your hair make sure you use a moisturizing/ moisture-locking products. Curls need a lot of moisture to stay bouncy and not look frizzy.
  • DO Use Products: Curly hair LOVES products, for best results apply products to wet, almost dripping hair. Tip: Leave styling products in the shower and put them in before you step out.
  • DO Use a Diffuser: If you don’t like air-drying your hair or you feel you need a little added volume, flip your head upside down when using your hair dryer and diffuse. Tip: Never use an open dryer, as it will frizz and over dry, use the diffuser attachment.

Stylist Tip:  If you have any “wonky” curls you can touch them up with a curling iron to get a more polished look. Be sure to spray some shine mist/ heat protectant before using an iron.

Professional Product Pick: The entire Curl’n Line by Eufora!




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