Shellac Manicures; manicures that last

What is a Shellac Manicure
ShellacShellac polish is best described as a cross between a regular nail polish and an acrylic manicure. It lasts longer than a regular polish and is less abrasive than an acrylics.

When you have a Shellac manicure your technician will start with the
removal of  any old polish or acrylics then move into nail and cuticle cleaning and shaping. *** If you currently have acrylics be sure to call ahead to be sure we can remove them.

Next is the Shellac base coat is applied and quickly cured under a UV drying lamp. Then the Shellac color coat is put on and dried under
the lamp, followed by a second coat. You finish with a high shine
Shellac topcoat that is again cured to resist nicks, chips and smudges.

Once you are out from under the lamp (about 2 minutes each coat), you are done. Your nails are flawless and ready to handle your day, week and maybe even next two weeks!

We love Shellac manicures; however, Shellac is not for everyone. Shellac isn’t to be used with tips, only your natural nail and if your nails are splitting, peeling or damaged you need to know a Shellac nail cover does not heal or cure any existing problems.

A Shellac nail covering merely acts as a protective polished layer allowing nails to grow while maintaining a nice length and shape. When your Shellac is removed your nails will be in a soft state as your nail plate has not been exposed to as much oxygen. We recommend if you do not plan on getting another Shellac manicure that you apply a fortifier such as Nail Envy to replace proteins that have been lost and helps to harden and strengthen nails. Finally, never peel or chip at your Shellac, this will damage your nail bed.

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