Shampoo, Suds, and Sulfates- What You Need to Know

Sometimes I like to watch the shampoo commercials on TV and I think… “does this model/movie star really use a box of color for her hair and cleanse it with a $5 bottle of shampoo?” Probably not. But marketers want you to believe they do. The amount of marketing dollars spent by the mass producers of shampoo and conditioner products is astronomical. So how can they keep the cost of these products so low while spending so much on advertising? Two words: Dilution and Fillers.

Mass produced hair care products use a lot of water and alcohol to dilute the active ingredients. To keep the product from looking watery they add in fillers such as wax, petroleum, and animal fats. Additionally, marketers have convinced the consumer that suds = clean. So to keep their products sudsy they use a lot of sulfates.

shampooWhile your hair may feel clean and soft, the reality is you are coating your hair not hydrating it. Over time the build up can make your hair look heavy or greasy increasing how often you need to cleanse your hair. Additionally, some of those sneaky sulfates like Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate can actually strip out your natural oils and cause breakage.

Professional salon shampoos and conditioners are highly concentrated and packed with fortifying botanical essential oils, minerals to increase absorption and nourishing vitamins. They are designed to be prescriptions for your hair needs and they use natural, mild forms of lathering cleansers. Whether you need volume for limp hair, curl and frizz control, more hydration or color protection, professional products are designed to meet specific hair needs.

Due to the high concentration of professional grade products you need less product to do more work. You can often get over 50 uses from one bottle of shampoo and you generally cleanse and condition less often during your busy week.

Additionally, the money saved on advertising by professional product distributors is given back to stylists with continuing education classes. And not just on product knowledge classes, but color and cutting trends as well; guaranteeing your stylist is on top of all the latest trends and has had opportunities to hone his or her skill sets.

AloeWe believe in the integrity of the products we sell. We stand behind them 100% if you don’t see the results you are wanting after the first few uses- bring your product back in and switch it for something that better suits your needs.

PRO TIP: We love Eufora products! The first ingredient is healing organic aloe rather than water to maintain your hair’s natural PH and hydrate while nourishing with 19 of the 20 amino acids required for good health. Aloe is also a phenomenal cleanser with natural antiseptic properties.

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