Quick Tips for Midday Hair Pick Me Up

It’s the middle of your busy day and your hair is looking a little ragged. Modern Concepts Salon stylist, Danielle, offers a few tips to help give a little pick me up back to your hair, and just maybe your whole day 🙂

Start your day right: To maintain your look longer, start your day with a volumizing shampoo and light conditioner. Using a volumizing shampoo will restore body and fullness to your hair without creating dryness, a light conditioner helps to untangle and smooth your hair without adding weight so your hair stays full of body.

Salon Pick: Eufora Volume Shampoo & Daily Balance Conditioner

Give yourself a little lift: Dry your hair upside down to really pump up the volume. Avoid heavy styling aides, waxes and pomades if you want lots of body.

Mid-day revitalize: If by midday you are losing the volume battle, flip your hair upside down and shake it out. Add a light spray of hairspray to keep the style. If you really need some extra lift, use a light amount of powder lift at the root. If you’ve had a hard day and the root looks a little greasy use a dry shampoo to reduce the shine and increase lift and body.

Salon Pick: Eufora Powder Lift

Change it up: Sometimes your day just needs a little new direction, changing up your style can easily get pesky hair out of the way.

JLopez_TopKnotsAndBuns_Top Knots are fast, chic and all the rage right now.

1) Pull all of your hair up to the top of your head to create the ponytail

2) Smooth out the back and make the hair tight

3) Secure with a hair with a hair tie that is not elastic or have clamps (to avoid breakage)

4) Back comb hair to add in volume

5) Twist hair around into the knotted look

6) Secure the knotty bun with a couple of bobby pins and you are done!



Side Braids are a quick way to get an amazing new ‘bang free’ look

1) Create a side part, either to the left or right depending on how your hair lays more naturally

2) Comb over the area for a smoother look (avoid a brush which can create frizz to previously styled hair)

3) Grab the hair about 1.5 – 2 inches from your forehead and brush your hair forward to create an even line

4) Divide out your bangs into three separate sections in equal thickness and ensure there are no bumps

5) Now braid away working down the section until the hair becomes sparse and tie off the end

6) Secure to the side with a clip or bobby pin and now your look is complete!

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