Prevent Breakouts with These Easy Tips

Some people are more prone to acne breakouts than others, but being prone to a breakout doesn’t mean you can’t have great skin more of the time. Here are a few simple ways to help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and clean.

1) Keep Stress in Check: Stress can increase your cortisol levels and that can lead to increased oil production that can clog pores. Both students and adults tend to have a lot of stress in their daily lives, make sure you take time to relax and chill out (with a nice glass of water to flush toxins from your body).

2) Eat Well: Your skin is your largest organ, it needs to stay hydrated and be nourished just like the rest of you. Diet accounts for close to 80% of your skin’s health. Add foods high in vitamin A and healthy fats and drink 8 glasses of cleansing water daily to keep your skin looking its best.

3) Use the Right Cleansers: A cleanser with salicylic acid will help exfoliate and deep cleanse your face and help prevent pimples and clogged pores.

4) Moisturize Daily: Acne fighting medications and cleansers can cause your skin to dry out a little. It’s important to moisturize your skin with oil-free products morning and night.

5) Get Professional Help: To really get your skin looking and feeling fresh, have a professional deep cleansing facial and purchase professional-grade acne products. Because your face can scar from ruptured acne areas, have a professional teach you proper cleansing techniques to help avoid injuring your skin.

clearcellProfessional Product Pick: Image Skincare CLEAR CELL- reduces inflammation, eliminates excess oil and purifies skin to reduce outbreaks and clear skin.

Professional Tip: Use an oil-free SPF to protect your skin all year round.

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