O2 Facials Revolutionizing Healthy Skin Care

Skin care doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be deep penetrating to see results. Image Skincare’s revolutionary O2 Lift Facial uses the best nature has to offer. It is totally paraben-free, making it healthy for you and the environment. Choice fruit extracts to exfoliate gently, bubbly oxygen mask to penetrate and cleans pores and plant-derived stem cells to kick start cell regeneration all packed into one fantastic facial. Why wouldn’t you treat yourself to feeling and looking this good?

The 5-step facial is gentle enough to apply makeup after if you wanted to go out on the town. There is no excessive drying after or peeling skin from the exfoliation process.

Step 1: Cleanse

O2 Lift gel milk cleanser is mild and non-irritating perfect for all skin types. A perfect #cleanser that won’t flare up rosacea and is strong enough to tackle the complexity of oily skin too.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliation is often confused with roughing up the skin to slough off dead cells. Image Skincare’s peel gently #exfoliates papaya and pineapple enzymes. As it is gently massaged into skin you will feel it become almost watery as it lifts the dead cells from your skin’s surface.

Step 3: Oxygenate
Truly the best part of the facial is the oxygen enriched masque. As it is applied it begins to turn to a soft foamy texture that at times can be almost ticklish on areas around the nose. The masque penetrates deep into your pores to #oxygenate your skin at a cellular level to repair, plump and refresh skin.

Step 4: Rejuvenate
The application of the plant-derived stem cells is where the magic happens. The enhancing serum works to turn back the hands of time as it nourishes your cells triggering regeneration and aids in hydrating your skin.

Step 5: Protect & Moisturize
The facial ends with an application of Image Skincare’s #Prevention+ moisturizer that has #SPF protection.

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