MUST DO for Great Summer Hair Days!

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent summer damage to your hair. First and foremost, you need to put yourself on a preventative care regimen by using a good leave-in conditioner.

Dry hair seeks to regain moisture, the drier your hair becomes the more it will frizz because dry hair wants to soak up the moisture in the humid air. Leave-in conditioners do an amazing job at sealing in your hair’s natural moisture and oils. A quality leave-in conditioner does so much, it reduces frizz, prevents breakage, adds shine, smooths, protects color, and helps to prevent heat damage from styling tools.

Your hair is very vulnerable in the summer because of added environmental exposure and stresses. Doctor Jessica J. Krant, a New York dermatologist, states that ultraviolet rays can actually “cook the hair shaft.” Saltwater, mineral deposits, and pool chlorine also take a toll on your tresses by stressing out, drying out and stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Protecting your hair outdoors can be as easy as wearing a hat or scarf, however, if you want to keep your locks out in the open then your leave-in conditioner can be your hair’s best friend.

A few additional tips:

nourish leave-inKeep your hair trimmed in the summer. Trimming off dry ends helps to prevent splitting and breakage.
Always soak your hair in cold water and apply a leave-in conditioner before hitting the waves or diving into the pool. If your hair is drenched with clean water and leave-in conditioner, it won’t absorb as much saltwater or pool chemicals. When applying leave-in conditioner blot away excess water from cleansed hair and gently massage it in. After you go for a swim, rinse hair in fresh water and reapply your leave-in conditioner before resuming your outdoor activities.

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Talk to your stylist about how to best protect your hair and have a great summer!

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