Modern Take on the French Manicure

The classic French Manicure that your mother wore has gotten a lot more stylish.

You can trace the dual polish style back to 1930’s Paris, with the use of a nude or beige base color that was topped with a white line to give the nails a very feminine clean look. While this style has maintained it’s classic appearance for decades, it was some of the 1980’s rockers who began to experiment with changing up the style with the use of bold and sometimes bazaar color combinations.

Today, the desire for uniqueness continues and just about anything goes when it comes to finding your signature manicure style. Check out some of these more trendy French manicure styles:

reverseReverse French: Rather than having traditional white tips, try out having your nail’s crescent highlighted instead.

Bold and Beautiful: Move over nudes, go bold in your color choices. Try using contrasting colors on the nail and tips for an even greater impact.

nails2No More Lines: Move away from the traditional thin tip lines and try soft angles instead.

Mix it Up: Use different colors in place of the white line. Try pastels for the warmer seasons and go bolder in the colder seasons.

ombrenailsOmbré It: Move away from the traditional thin tip lines to a faded look. Glittery polishes work great with this style!

Dotted Line: Replace the typical French line with a dotted line. For even more wow-factor, glue on applications like stars, rhinestones or diamond shapes.

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