MAX-imum Skin Repair for Younger Skin Today!

What keeps your skin looking youthful? Collagen! What is Collagen? Collagen is a protein that is found in our muscles, bones, skin and tendons. Collagen is considered the “glue” that holds us together. It is the substance that keeps skin healthy, gives it strength and elasticity. Your body starts to slow down the production of collagen as we age and this leads to skin sagging, wrinkles and more.

The MAX line by IMAGE Skincare has been specially formulated to nourish your skin and keep it looking younger longer. By utilizing plant-derived stem cell technology and nutripeptides, MAX naturally aides your collagen production to plump your skin while nourishing from deep within.

Did you know the area of your neck and upper chest is called the décolletage and it shows signs of aging before many other areas of your skin. We are so excited about the newest MAX skin defender, MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift. Designed for your neck, chest and under your chin, MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift is a lifting and tightening crème that combats sagging skin, plumps up deep creases and wrinkles, and reduces fine lines. The high concentration of peptides with plant-derived stem cells increase your collagen synthesis and strengthens your skin’s elastin. The Vitamin C brightens complexion while the rich emollients hydrate skin from deep within making it the perfect firming crème to tighten and redefine your jawline while softening your décolletage so you can “Age Later”.
neck lift

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