Help for Over-processed Hair

Getty Damaged HairOver-processed hair looks and feels dry and brittle. Damaged ends begin to split and fray giving the hair a straw like texture and creating frizzy flyaways. To figure out how to help your hair, first you need to know what causes this kind of damage.

What causes over-processed hair? There are several factors can lead to over-processed damaged hair. The most common are coloring hair, perms, relaxers, chlorine from pools, certain medications can be very drying to hair as can heated styling tools and even your hair dryer can damage your hair.

If you’re thinking “wow, what if I’ve done like 3+ of those things to my hair,” don’t worry you aren’t alone. There are several things you can do to keep your hair’s moisture locked in to prevent further damage. Of course for badly damaged ends you may need to have them trimmed off to prevent further splitting.

not beyonceDon’t color your hair at home. Salon professionals use low ammonia and ammonia free color as well as safe lightening products. Professionals know how long to leave the products on to ensure your hair’s integrity is not damaged.

Regular trims keep your ends from splitting. You really don’t need to take a lot off the ends to keep the hair looking and feeling good if you trim regularly. Trimming dry split ends helps your style last longer and your hair will look and feel smoother and full of movement.

Use the right shampoos and conditioners. Professional products are like hair prescriptions, they work to resolve specific problems like brightening blonde hair or adding volume to thin hair. Talk to your stylist about your hair issues and then find the right hair solution.

Deep condition at home. Deep conditioning treatments penetrate into the hair shaft to add back needed moisturize, restore weakened hair and brings back shine and luster to hair. You can do your own hot towel treatment a couple times a month to really help your hair look and feel fabulous. Ask your stylist which deep conditioner will work best for your hair condition. Then, at home, cleanse your hair in a sink and add on the deep conditioner. Wring out hair and finger comb through enough to gently fold your hair into a bun. Microwave a damp towel for about 30 seconds (no longer than a minute so you don’t burn yourself) and wrap your hair. The heat helps the cuticle to open, allowing the conditioner to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Leave on until it cools and alternate with another towel until your hair has been wrapped in warmth for about 15 minutes. Then rinse and style.

Use products that protect from heat damage. If you style with heated tools or like to blow out your hair, make sure you use a styling aid that has a heat protectant in it. Heat tools and hot hair dryers can actually burn your hair causing it to be brittle and frizzed. Apply your styling aides to wrung out damp hair for best results.

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