Happy Holiday Hands

Make a great impression this season with gorgeous, soft hands by getting a manicure!

When you come in for a manicure you’re getting more than just your nails painted. When you come in for a manicure you are getting a 5 stage experience:  1) Soaking to soften cuticles for trimming and removing thick or peeling cuticles, 2) exfoliating dry skin of the hands, 3) filing, shaping and buffing the nails, 4) polishing nails, followed by 5) oiling  nails and cuticles for good health as well as encouraging better circulation to your hands and arms with a nice massage.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

Just in time for the holidays, we carry over 70 shades of polish and 40 shades of Shellac, towinternails include a wide variety of reds, so you can find the perfect one for you!  Want to add some winter whimsy, no problem. Talk to your nail technician about adding some sparkle, a new twist to the French manicure, even adding special nail designs!

Winter Tip: Cold temperatures, dry air, additional cooking and cleaning, and added use of hand sanitizers can really take a toll on your hands and your skin looses its natural moisturizing oils more rapidly.

  • Stay Hydrated- By staying hydrated your skin will replenish its natural oils more effectively.
  • Wear Protection- Wear gloves to protect your hands from the elements.
  • Oil Up- Oil your nails and cuticles with solar oil or other quality nail oil to keep the cuticle from peeling and nails from flaking.
  • Add Moisture- Remember to lotion those dry hands after washing, being out in the cold, and especially after using a hand sanitizer.
  • Use a quality lotion rich in emollients like Cucumber Therapy for Hands and Heels with olive oil, aloe & cucumber extracts.
  • General Care- Keep nail length appropriate to your lifestyle, file off chips, eat properly, and drink plenty of fluids for better nail quality and strength.

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