Hair Drying Tips to Avoid Frizz

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Guests are always looking for tips on how to keep their hair looking healthy and frizz free. One of the first things you’ll hear our stylists tell a guest is use the proper products/styling aides at home, the second tip will be to use the proper tools.

We asked Kami, one of our blowout specialists, for a tips on keeping your hair from becoming dry and frizzy this winter.  “One of the easiest ways to keep your hair frizz free and looking healthy is to stop over drying by using your hair dryer correctly. It sounds overly simple but I see a lot of damage due to improper drying techniques. Most people just want to get their hair dry, they don’t want to mess around with a lot of products or attachments- they just want to get out the door on time.  But there are products available that take seconds to apply and will protect your hair and prevent it from becoming frizzy.  Additionally, having a quality hair dryer and using your attachments will give you the shine and healthy look you are wanting. Using the attachments doesn’t cost you a lot of time like most people believe, it actually directs the air flow exactly where you need it without wasting time blowing on areas that are already dry”.

Kami is absolutely correct with her advice. Using a thermoprotectant before blow drying and styling locks in your hair’s natural moisture and prevents frizz.

Drying your hair properly has more to do with the type of dryer you are using than the heat setting you are on. Dryers with ceramic cores heat your hair evenly and tourmaline crystal dryers produce ions that discharge static from the air creating soft silky hair that is frizz free.  As for using attachments, if you have curly or wavy hair the diffuser (the large round attachment with little knob vents) helps to cut down on the frizz while giving your hair a lot of lift at the root and keeps your curls in nice tight curl patterns without a crunchy feel. When styling your hair you should use the nozzle attachment (has a thin vented opening). The nozzle directs the airflow, helping you to style without flyaways. Point the vent down as you use your round brush to completely dry and style hair.

Staff at Modern Concepts SalonKami concludes her tips with a word of caution: “Although it may seem easier to take the blow dryer out and flip your hair over and hit high heat and go. Using the hair dryer nozzle will direct the flow of air and smooth the cuticle layer down to eliminate frizz while adding in shine. If you have questions just ask me at your next appointment and I will show you my ‘tractor trailer’ method of proper hair drying technique”.

Kami is a new talent stylist who is eager to educate her guests on the latest trends and best at home care practices.


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