Face the Facts About Acne

Acne is caused by two main factors; an over production of sebum (an oily/waxy substance created by the oil glands under your skin) and trapped toxins/ bacteria clogging the pore. Most acne flare ups are found on the face, neck, upper shoulders, back and chest. Anyone can get acne; so if you are one of the afflicted you are not alone! Studies show that about 80% of the population will have an acne breakout at some point after the start of puberty regardless of eating habits, environmental exposure or ethnicity.

acne-aboutThe most common kinds of acne are:

•Whiteheads- Pimples that just under the surface of the skin and have a white color.
•Blackheads- A blackish/dark brown looking clog that reaches the skin’s surface.
•Papules- Small pink and tender bumps.
•Pimples/Pustules- Red at the bottom and have a pus on top.
Less Common:
•Cysts- Painful, deep and pus-filled pimples that can cause acne scars.
•Nodules- Painfully large pimples that develop deep under the skin.

Severe acne may need to be treated by a dermatologist and with oral medications; however, there is plenty you can do at-home to help clear up and even prevent acne flare ups.
A few easy at-home care tips:
•Hands off! Most people see a pimple and immediately want to squeeze it. This can damage tissue and lead to bruising, aggravate the pore causing even more acne and can even scar skin.
•Choose oil free makeup. Look for the word “noncomedogenic” (non pore clogging) on the label. Use foundation sparingly and choose a liquid or a powder over heavy creams. Many women try to hide their acne under thick layers of foundations; this can cause more oil production and trap bacteria increasing flare-ups.
•Cleanse skin gently. Many people think vigorous or harsh scrubbing will cleanse deeper and prevent acne. The truth is scrubbing can actually make the problem worse and cause scarring. Cleanse your skin gently and use a circular motion to deeply penetrate into the pore and increase circulation.

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Salon Tip: Get an Acne Facial to deeply cleanse skin and have problem areas professionally extract area without damaging skin.

Tip Plus: Microdermabrasion has been proven to gently remove dead cells, deeply cleanse and improve circulation for healthier skin.

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