Eliminate Your Stress in 60-Minutes

So your feeling stressed and you look as tired as you feel. What if you could just walk into a room and all that stress just left your body. Well you can!

Take a moment and let yourself imagine that you do walk into that mystery room. As you enter, you are shown where to undress and given a plush robe to put on. You are then left in the room with the lights dimmed. You undress and put on the robe as instructed and then climb up into a warm comfy bed. This is when you notice the music, it is so tranquil and soothing. Just as you begin to take in the atmosphere of the room you hear a knock. It’s your esthetician and she’s ready to guide you through an amazing relaxation process.

facialYour facial begins by cleansing your skin as your esthetician increases your circulation with gentle circular effleurage of your face and neck. Once your skin is completely cleansed she moves into the exfoliation process. As you feel the stress and tiredness begin to leave your stressed out face you exhale. It is the first deep breath of relaxation you’ve taken in a while, and it feels good. You are beginning to feel all you tension leave as she puts a warm towel on your face and begins to massage your décolletage, back of your neck and shoulders, down your arms to your hands and fingers, and finishes with a rub down of your lower legs and feet. You exhale even deeper as you sink into a feeling of total relaxation. Your body begins to remember this feeling of no stress. Your esthetician now massages in a serum designed specific for your skin needs and then moisturizes your face and neck with more effleurage. You haven’t noticed how much time has passed a s she finishes your treatment she begins to bring you slowly out of your near slumber. Your 60-minute facial is completed. The esthetician now leaves the room so you can readjust the lighting and get dressed. You glance in the mirror and hardly recognize yourself. You look rejuvenated and refreshed. Your skin is glowing and your eyes don’t look worn and tired anymore. Hold on to this feeling. Take in another deep cleansing breath and remember to continue to relax and breathe deeply until we will see you at your next appointment.

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