Don’t Mess Up Your Manicure Ever Again! Insider Tips

Oh the tragedy of getting a fabulous #manicure just to have it last about twenty minutes before you nick, dent or chip those pretty nails! So many manicures have been ruined by riffling through purses to find phones. Why does this happen? If you are using traditional nail polish, your nails may be dry but not cured and that means they are vulnerable to damage from everyday activities. Do you know the difference between dry and cured nail polish?

nailsWhen you are at the salon for a traditional manicure or pedicure you may need to grab a magazine and sit in the waiting area for a few minutes after your service to give your polish time to dry. However, dry polish and cured polish are not the same thing.

Dry polish means the polish is no longer tacky so you can leave the salon confident you can drive home without worry of messing up your polish. But don’t try to dig through your purse to pay or get out your keys or sunglasses. Dried nails are still susceptible to getting nicks, dents and that weird smudged look because the polish is still malleable.   Cured polish, however, means the polish is hardened enough to tackle taking keys out of your purse, participating in an athletic activity, taking a nap (yes we know sometimes you just need a nap) or finishing the day’s house work without getting crease marks, smudges, or chips in your polish.

Drying time usually takes 15-20 minutes but the polish will NOT be cured for another 8+ hours. Other factors like the type of polish, amount of coats, and even the weather can make the cure time take even longer.

animal printsThis time of year we have a lot of guests who come in for manicures and then go to home to do yard work or go to the gym just minutes after their appointment. You know what happens to their nails? They get chips, lots and lots of chips. We recommend waiting a good 12 hours before tacking any major activity or changes.


  • Heat can have a reversing effect on the curing process—so avoid hot showers, bathing, hot tubs, saunas and etc.
  • Socks and close-toed shoes will destroy a pedicure without you even realizing. Again wait, wait, wait to cover up your pretty pedi- besides, don’t you want to show off those beautiful toes?!?! You should avoid both for at least 24 hours. Socks can press in fuzzies and even leave its patterned imprint in the polish! Close-toed shoes, with our without socks, cause rubbing and friction which will lead to chipping. Avoid wearing both as long as possible.
  • Pools are a danger zone!  The chlorine will weaken the polish and the textured/concrete bottoms abrasive and rub polish off.
  • Cleanse your hands with mild soap rather than hand sanitizer as the alcohol in sanitizers will dry out and degrade polish.
  • Every couple of days apply a clear coat to you nails and “cap” your tips by applying the polish to the underside for extra resilience. This is especially important if you type and text a lot, it will help guard against mid week chipping.

Talk to your nail technician about the types of activities you are planning for the day, they can tell you what to expect from your manicure or pedicure… better yet opt for a shellac manicure so you know your nails are fully cured and ready for whatever your day or week may bring you.

#Shellac polish by #CND is a hybrid of gel and traditional polish that is cured under a UV light. Your polish is cured in mere minutes and will last 10- 14 days without chipping.

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