Defend Your Skin with these 3 Must Have Products

Has winter made your skin dull, dry or chapped? These three products will change your skin for the better. With healing essential oils, these ultra-hydrating products are our salon picks for beating Jack Frost and his wicked winter blues.

three for winter bluesLips:
Don’t let chapped, dry lips get you down. Chapstick serves well enough as a protector, it does little to heal and hydrate.

Our experts recommend you first gently exfoliation to rid your lips of unsightly peeled skin. By gently we mean it, don’t over scrub your lips. Try using a dry toothbrush or a lip scrub as a part of your nightly cleansing routine. Now once you have your lips exfoliate we recommend deep hydration to plump and heal lips. We recommend Eufora’s AloeTherapy Soothing Lip Moisturizer. This lip moisturizer works to hydrate your lips as you sleep.  Apply throughout the day for extra hydration and protection.

Dark Spots:

Have the holidays tuckered you out? Has your skin tone faded to a winter grey? Both lack of rest as well as hyperpigmentation under your eyes in combination with a lack of a tan on your face can cause the delicate skin under your eyes to look dark and tired. Luckily you can brighten them with Iluma Intense Brightening Eye Crème. This ultra-hydrating under eye crème lightens those dark circles to make your eyes look bright and refreshed. It’s unique formula also reduces puffiness, and best part, it reduces wrinkles too!

Dry Hands and Peeling Cuticles:

If your hands are looking dull, dry and even cracked at the cuticle it’s time to add Solar Oil to your hand care.  Solar Oil can be rubbed in to dry cracked cuticles and nail beds to replenish lost oils and condition them. Add a couple drops to your hand lotion for soft velvety hands you can be proud to take out of your gloves.


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