Choosing the Best Brush for Your Style

Long hair, short hair, loaded with curls, or straight as a board. No matter the style of your hair, there is a brush that’s right for you. So how do you choose the right brush for the style you are trying to achieve? We put together a quick brush guide to help you maintain your look every day.

bThe Round Brush: The round brush is the most used brush in the salon for blowing out hair that is full of volume and movement.
A small round brush is the perfect choice for bangs and to detail the layers of your style. A medium round brush is used for adding body and volume. Section your hair and use the brush with your hairdryer (nozzled) blowing on the underside. Work hair in a constant rolling motion in sync with your hairdryer to build in volume. A large round brush is used to smooth hair with the nozzle concentrated on that section. Using a nozzle on your hairdryer is important as it directs the hair to have a smoother finish and a faster drying time.

The Vented Brush: Need to dry your hair quickly? Then the vented brush is for you. The vents allow the air from your hairdryer to reach all your strands. Vented brushes come in round and paddle versions. Remember use a rounded style vented brush for building volume. Dry hair from the roots to ends.

The Paddle Brush: The paddle brush works great on already dried hair that needs a quick detangling or to set flyaways. This style brush can be used on any length but it is especially well suited for people with long or thick hair.

Detangling Brush: Use a detangling brush on wet or damp hair that already has a styling aid added. Detangling brushes have bristles designed to comb through hair without damaging it. Detangling brushes can also be used in the shower with conditioner for thick and moisture deprived hair.

*Wide Tooth Comb: Not a brush, but deserves a mention for curly hair. To avoid too much friction, curly hair should be detangled with a wide toothed comb or finger combed to avoid frizzing.

Smoothing Brush: Smoothing brushes are to be used on dry hair that is already styled and set. Use on up-dos or set styles that need hair to be perfectly smooth. The bristles of a smoothing brush are designed to set stray hairs and add shine. Immediately apply hairspray after brushing.

Teasing Brush: Looking to add a lot of volume? Use a teasing brush to backcomb the desired section(s) of hair at the root. When backcombing move the brush downward numerous times and apply hairspray. Let backcombed area set for a few seconds then gently brush over the top layer to smooth the look while keeping lots of built in volume on the underside.

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