Changing Your Hair Color? Check out our Tips

3 Things You Must Do & 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do when dramatically changing your hair color, by Ayda Izadpanah

As a stylist and makeup artist I love when one of my guests asks for my artistic and professional opinion regarding radically changing up their hair color. There are definitely a few things to take into consideration when making big hair color changes and I try to keep it simple by giving just a few tips to keep in mind.

Must Do:
Celeb CHangesCome in with a picture and have a consultation before coming in for a drastic color change. This way you and your stylist are on the same page and expectations can be met with happy results. Remember magazines do a lot of photo enhancements. Some of those fashion colors may take multiple appointments and do not last very long.

Use professional hair care products to maintain the color, shine and richness. You’ve already made the investment in having your hair professionally colored and cut, now you need to maintain it with products that are guaranteed to keep the color and help your hair’s integrity and overall health.

Discuss your overall look. When changing your hair color, you may need to change up your makeup a bit too. Often your lip and blush color may need to be adjusted as your hair color often enhances your features. You will want to use complementary shades when changing your hair color.

Don Not Do:
mcx-celeb-hair-color-changes-katy-lgnDon’t color your hair at home. Normal boxed colors have high amounts of ammonia and will dry out your hair, especially when going from dark to light or using a fashion color. Salon professionals are trained to know the right amount of lightener required to lift your hair to the shade you are looking for. Boxed colors are not able to be that specific and do not take into account your hair texture and current state of health.

Don’t salon hop, Maintaining your record is important to keeping your hair healthy. If you tend to change up your color a lot, it is imperative to have accurate records of when your last color was done and what kind of products were used. This will ensure your hair is healthy and ready to add or remove pigment.

Don’t impulsively change your color or do it the day before a special event. Dramatic changes may take a while to get used to. This is why a consultation is always a good idea, it gives you realistic expectations and a minute to think about what you are about to do.

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