Brr! It’s Cold outside!!

Itchy skin? Dry hair? Static hair you can’t get to go down? It’s time to amp up the moisture intake. Winter is almost over; but until then Eufora has exactly what your hair and skin needs to see you through the final stretch with the Aloe Therapy line. Aloe is mother natures natural healer and can cure almost any skin issue. Using 100% certified organic, pharmaceutical grade aloe to give you the moisture that you need without leaving any sticky or tacky residue. Try applying the lip treatment before bed every night and we guarantee the you will wake up with your lips being repaired and refreshed. Using the Aloetherapy cleanse in the shower instead of your average body wash will help your skin get through the last of the winter cold. It’s super moisturizing for your skin and has the most luxurious suds.

If dry hair is your winter foe try our Moisture Masque! Eufora has made a hair masque that will give you the most intense dose of moisture to leave your hair feeling full of life again! Our moisture mask is offered at the salon as an in house treatment and is available for purchase.

Can’t get that static to settle down? Try the Smooth’n line. When used properly with all the suggested products, the Smooth’n line is guaranteed to repair, smooth, defrizz, and protect against static and humidity. Not sure of what is the best solutions for you? Call and make a consultation appointment with your stylist or walk in and see one of your new talent stylist to have them guide you to flawless winter hair.

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