Better Your Brow Game with these Tips!

Brows are finally getting the attention they deserve. Whether you pluck, wax, thread or keep your brows natural, you can use makeup to better your brow game. Accentuated brows frame your face and make your eyes pop.

eyes-of-a-womanSimple contouring:
1) Find a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone.
2) Apply dots or dashes above your brow, starting from the middle (arch) and moving toward the end.
3) Do the same to the underside of your brow
4) Gently blend, don’t over due it- just blend the marked areas and keep it close to the brow line.
5) for a hot night look add a little shimmer to the underside of the brow.

Fill in brows:
1) Find a colored brow pencil that is close to your natural color. If you can’t find your exact color, go lighter never darker- no mean girl brows!
2) Keep your pencil sharp. You want to use the fine point of your pencil and make strokes that are similar to your eyebrow hairs. A feathering stroke works best. You are not coloring in your brow, you are filling them in with a natural stroke mark.
3) Sharpen your pencil before moving to the other brow and then do the same strokes. Your eyebrows will never be identical, no one’s face is completely identical, so don’t go crazy trying to make them that way.
4) Blend with a brow brush. Stroke from the inside moving toward the arch then down toward the ends.
5) Finish with a clear brow gel to keep your brows looking polished all day.

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