Best Tips for Blowing Out Short Hair


By Kami Brodie, view her bio by clicking here!

From bobs to pixies, blowing out short hair can have its challenges. However, it is possible to replicate the frizz-free, volume and shine that you leave the salon with.

The ‘salon blowout’ doesn’t happen by just grabbing a hair dryer and blowing your hair every which way until it dries. It’s all about having the right tools, proper drying technique and a few simple steps. Then, with practice, you too can become a ‘blowout’ prodigy!

Things to have:
Round Brush
Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer with a nozzle
Sectioning Clips
Eufora Root Lift (for volume at the root)
Eufora Sculpting Glaze (for styling and hold)
Eufora Pure Polish (for shine)

1) Use styling aids. Styling aids help decrease frizz & drying time, protect hair from heat, and give your hair shine. Add a few drops of pure polish to about a quarter size amount of sculpting glaze and work through wet hair. Then section hair out hair to spray in a little root lift (at the scalp), and comb through.

2) Section hair and clip out of the way. The first section: the front middle, section the front by lining up the area from the middle of each eyebrow to the top of your crown. Clip it in place. The second section: from the middle of the crown down to the natural curve of your head. Clip in place. The third section: the bottom middle, it does not need to be clipped. The fourth & fifth sections:  the sides, no need to clip.

3) Dry by sections using a round brush and directing air flow with the nozzle: Start with the third section by drawing hair up from the underside and roll around brush. Apply heat to dry. Leave hair on brush for a few moments until cool. Next dry the second section. This is that area where you have the natural curve of your head and this is the “volume bump” that the top of your hair will rest on. Again, pull hair over the brush from the underside and roll around the brush. Apply heat with the nozzle moving down the hair and keep hair on the brush until it cools a bit. Dry the fourth and fifth sections by round brushing and drying hair in the angle your hair naturally lays. Finish by drying the first section, the front. Pull hair forward and around the brush when drying to give a little volume.KamiBlowOutSteps2

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