Are Your Hands Aging You?

Are your hands making you look older? When it comes to how old you look, your hands can really add on the appearance of age. Turn back the “hands of time” with these helpful tips:

Iluma-intense-lightening-hand-creme-SPF-15-200x300Moisturize Throughout the Day
The unfortunate truth is, your hands produce less natural oils compared to other areas of your body. Add in washing your hands multiple times a day, using hand sanitizer, and the multitude of other activities that your hands do, it’s no wonder they dry out so quickly. Your hands need a little more help to keep them looking youthful. You should apply a moisturizer in the morning and every time you wash them to prevent fine lines and alligator looking skin.

Salon Pick: Iluma Intense Lightening Hand Crème. This ultra moisturizing hand crème moisturizes, protects and even helps to lighten age spots!

Use a Sunscreen all Year
Like your face, your hands are exposed to Ultraviolet rays all year round. There is even evidence that you receive some UVA/UVB exposure when you’re driving! Ultraviolet rays cause pigment change (age spots or dark spots), your skin to lose elasticity, premature wrinkling and increase your chances of developing cancer. Protect your hands with sunblock every few hours that you are outside or driving.

Salon Pick: Prevention+ Daily Moisturizer SPF 50.

Already Seeing the Signs of Damage? Don’t Despair… Repair
If your hands are already looking 10 years older than you are, use a moisturizing skin lightener nightly.

Salon Pick: Iluma Intense Bleaching Serum to lighten the dark areas and Ageless Total Repair Crème at night to deeply penetrate and hydrate parched skin.

“Age Later” with Image Skincare, our number one choice in skin care!

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