Aloe Aloe oh how we love Aloe

Introducing the Aloe lines from Eufora, by Carrie Oliver- Stylist and Eufora Educator The history of Aloe Vera for skin care dates back more than 5,000 years. From Cleopatra to today’s modern skin and hair care lines, Aloe Vera is well known for its healing and conditioning properties. It’s been called the “Miracle Plant”, “Natures Healer” and the Egyptians called aloe the “Plant of Immortality” because of how well it kept skin looking fresh, plump and beautiful. aloe-veraOrganic Aloe Vera is the key ingredient in Eufora’s core product line because of its amazing healing properties. The Aloe plant contains over 200 biologically active substances including 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins and 19 of the           20 amino acids required for your body’s good health. Eufora’s uses a cold press process to retain more of these amazing properties in its product lines. The plant is renown for its antibacterial, anti-viral, and antiseptic properties making it an amazing base for the Eufora Core Product line. Aloe’s moisturizing properties helps to rejuvenate, soften, lock in your hair’s natural oils and heal hair, creating a perfect base for Eufora’s Curl’n, Smooth’n, Volume and Nourish lines. Now Eufora has been able to extract out the ultimate in this amazing plant’s properties… the stem cells.  Aloe stem cells promote oxygen to reduce follicle asphyxia making it an essential ingredient in the Eufora Thickening and Hero and the newly launched the AloeTherapy Line. The AloeTherapy product line is considered a wellness product as it is suitable for all hair types. In addition to the aloe stem cells, the line contains gmo and gluten-free oat protein and water lily extract for maximum hydration and healing benefits. It is so gentle that it can be used as hair and body cleaner for the most sensitive of scalps and skin, including children.

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