7 Seriously Easy At Home Nail Care Tips

Easy at home nail care tips to keep your nails happy and healthy between manicures.

french manicure1) Value nail health over nail length. Long nails definitely give a feeling of femininity, but the longer your nails are the more likely they are to break doing every day activities like opening a car door. Keeping your nails a little shorter, while still having growth beyond your finger tips, is easier to maintain. For the most feminine look focus on keeping your nails all uniform in length, this will make all of your fingers look longer and slimmer.

2) When polishing nails at home don’t forget the base coat! We recommend Nail Envy, as it serves as a base coat and nail strengthener. Base coats protect nails from staining and helps the color look more saturated and truer to the color in the bottle.

3) Keep an emery board on hand always. Chips happen. Daily activities can add a little wear and tear to your nails, so keep nail edges smooth by running a file across them every 3-4 days. Just one sweep is usually all you need and keeping your nail tips smooth also reduces peeling.

4) Apply top coating every few days. To keep polish looking great longer, apply a fresh layer of top coat every 3-4 days and don’t forget to cap your tips by running the brush across the tip and underside.

5) Moisturize both your cuticles and nails. We recommend Solar Oil to replenish oils that are lost from frequent hand washing. Solar Oil not only conditions the cuticle it feeds the nail beds for stronger nails with less peeling or flaking. For a great hand lotion add a few drops to your normal hand cream 🙂

6) Keep cuticles looking great and beautifully shaped by gently pushing them back after a shower with your fingertip wrapped tissue (don’t push back without covering your nail as you could scrape them causing them to crack).

7) Consider your diet as part of your nail care regimen. Nails need vitamins and protein just like the rest of your body, but some vitamins and proteins help nails to look better and grow stronger. Protein rich foods that also have natural oils like beans, fish, and nuts are great for your nails. Additionally, vitamin supplements like biotin and Vitamin E are great for your nail’s overall health.

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