5 Quick Holiday Hair Fixes

We’ve all been there… you got up early to do your hair and makeup (which looks fabulous) but then the constant checking in the oven, stirring steamy pots and all the last minute to-dos begin to pile up. Next thing you know, your guests are about to arrive and your fab hair is now a hot mess.

Here are a few tips from our experts:

Rollers mirrinda-kerr-Cathleen: Pre-plan for your day like the runway models do and keep those velcro or hot rollers in your hair right up to the last minute. Then take them out and viola you have beautiful, shiny, and perfectly wavy hair. Spray with a medium hold hair spray for volume and movement. (Image: Mirinda Kerr/FanShare.com)

Ponytail-with-BagnsAyda: Messy ponytails are a great go-to look that takes no time.  Simply grab your hair as is, pull it back with your fingers and tie off.  Then gently pull a few strands to frame up your face and spray. Add a little sparkle with a clip over the ponytail band. (Image: Jennifer Aniston/HairstylesNews.com)

zoe-saldana-side bunAnna Michelle: Soft side buns are elegant and can be done relatively quickly on curly or straight hair. Start by tipping your hair upside down, spray in a little shine mist all over, and tousle your hair with your fingers and a little texture spray or do a little back combing at the crown if you need volume.  Right yourself,  sweep hair over the ear, and pull into a low side ponytail then secure with a band. Now gently and loosely twist, wrap or braid your hair around the base of your ponytail and secure the bun with another band. You can also half loop your hair into a band over the top of the first. Leave as-is for a messy look or shape the bun and pin as needed. (Image: Zoe Saldana/HarpersBazaar.com

leona-lewis-curly side braidAlexa: Side Braid or Tuck for Curly Girls. If you just can’t get those curls revived and looking fab with a curl rejuvenating spray, you don’t need to get frustrated. A simple side braid can pull hair away from the face and still leave your curls looking amazing and full. If braiding isn’t your thing, try a simple tuck by puling your bangs from one side over to the the other and pinning it with a clip or bobby pin that is tucked under some of those curls. (Image: Leona Lewis/FanShare.com)

Kristen-Stewart-red-carpet-Oscars-2013Danielle: Rumpled Texture- Start with your head flipped over, then spray your roots with your favorite texturizes or dry shampoo, work it in with your fingers focusing on fluffing up your hair to get it nice and big.  Next, right yourself and wrap random sections around a one-and-a-half-inch-barrel curling iron (don’t use the clip; wrap hair around the iron without curling the ends) then give your hair a little tousle. Finish with a medium-hold hair spray for hold without looking stiff. (image: Kristen Stewart/TeenVogue.com)

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