5 Hair Hacks that Really Work

bpinBobby Pin + Dry Shampoo = Ultimate Hold

Use bobby pins like a pro to really lock hold of your locks. Simply spray a little dry shampoo on a bobby pin before sliding it in place. The dry shampoo’s powdery texture helps by adding more grip to the bobby pin’s hold.


Toothbrush + Hair Spray = No flyaways
Tired of those little new growth “baby” hairs sticking out of your perfectly smooth hair? Easy fix, use a toothbrush and a little hairspray to catch and brush those hairs in place. An old mascara wand works too!


humidifierHumidifier + Deep Conditioning = Less Dry Hair
In the winter we tend to pump in a lot of dry heated air into our homes, cars and just about everywhere. This can really dry out your hair. By adding a little moisture back in the air your hair will absorb what it needs. Add a weekly deep conditioning masque to seal in essential oils and moisture while reducing frizz.


Old Cotton T-shirt + Wide Toothed Comb = Frizz Free Style
Toss the towel after you cleanse your hair. Instead wrap your hair in an old cotton t-shirt. Most towels rough up your hair which leads to frizz. To keep happy healthy hair don’t brush it while wet, your hair can over stretch and break. Instead use a wide toothed comb or a wet brush to take out tangles.


pinsLimp Ponytail + 2 Bobby Pins = Poppin’ Ponytail
Make your ponytail a fashion statement rather than a bad hair day fix. Start with a simple ponytail by tilting your head down so your hair all falls forward and down. Gather it into a ponytail and secure. Next stick two bobby pins vertically through the hair tie underneath your ponytail. The two booby pins will act as supports to prop up your ponytail making it look more full.

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