3 All Weather Hairstyles

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall make you have a bad hair day! šŸ™‚

We all know some days the weather just doesn’t play nice with your hair. The wind flattens it while rain and humidity frizz it out. Fear not my friend; there is hope for your hair! These quick styles can be done in under five minutes and will hold up no matter the weather.

side braidSide Braid
What you need: Brush, hair tie and fingers willing to do a little work.

1) Brush your hair back and to the side until it is smooth.
2) Starting behind the ear, section hair into three pieces.
3) Take one of the outer sections and cross it over the middle, pull theĀ middle section to becomeĀ the new outer piece.
4) Take the opposite outer section and cross it over the middle (formerly your starting piece) and repeat the criss-cross pattern.
5) Use a hair tie to keep the braid locked.
6) Spray the swooped section to catch any fly away pieces.
7) Wear hair over the shoulder.

Stylist Tip: If you have a lot of short pieces that have fallen out of the swooped section, curl them into wispy falling curls.


top knotTop Knot
This style is perfect anytime;Ā it be done in under a minute!
What you need: Hair tie, bobby pins and brush if you want a smoother look.

1) Bend over and let all your hair fall upside down.
2) Gather all your hair to the top of your head and put up into a ponytail (brush the hair into your free hand for a smoother look).
3) Twist your hair into a bun and pin it in place with 3 or 4 bobby pins.
4) Spray hair with a light hold hairspray to keepĀ smaller hairs in place and set your look.

Stylist Tip:For a messy look twist only the first loop of the bun and then wrap the remaining hair around bun. Have a little fun by putting in a few braids before you twist up the knot.


gibson tuckGibson Roll or Gibson Tuck
This style is often called the Gibson roll, but its more of a roll and tuck. Google either name for more great pictures. This look is easy, elegant and timeless.
What you need: Brush, hair tie, and several bobby pins.
1) Brush hair until smooth.
2) Bring hair together between your crown and nape of neck.
2) Secure hair into a loose ponytail, between 1-2 inches from scalp to create a “pocket”.
3) Flip your ponytail over, twist to the end then roll it into the pocket (like rolling up wrapping paper).
4) Hold the rolled hairĀ in place with your less dominant hand and begin to pin in place.
5) Secure the rolled hair to your scalp, making sure to cover the hair tie with a bobby pin.
6) Spray a light hold hairspray and swipe your hand upward to set hair in place.
Stylist Tip: Add in a jeweled clip or flower to one of the sides to really make your style more elegant.

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