3 Reasons to Just Say No to Boxed Color

damaged hairStore bought boxed color may seem like a quick fix to wanting to change up your look but it can become a rather costly mistake. Boxed color can irreversibly damage you hair not to mention a color correction is a timely and cost process.

We’ve put together a list of the top 3 reasons to NOT use a boxed color application based on the top complaints we hear from behind the chair.

1) Help My Hair Turned the WRONG Color!
This is by far the number one complaint we hear. “My hair looks nothing like the box!” Well of course not, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to coloring your hair. Everyone’s hair is unique when it comes to pigmentation, environmental damage, texture and even age.

A professional keeps five main hair issues in mind when creating your personal color mixture that a boxed one-size-fits-all solution does not: Your hair’s natural color, underlying pigmentation, percentage of grey, porosity and previous chemical treatments/damage.

A boxed color is based on the average mixture used for virgin hair coloration.

2) My Hair is Dry, Brittle and Unevenly Colored!
Many boxed color users end up with dry hair that is brittle and breaks easily because they have over-processed it. One reason for this is because the box application sheet usually doesn’t explain that if your hair has already been chemically changed you shouldn’t apply the color to the entire strand all at once.

Chemical altering products will cause more porosity to the hair which can make it more brittle and susceptible to breakage. Dry ends that are very porous will absorb color faster than new growth so the color does not need to be on that area of the strand as long.  This is why when you apply a boxed dark color over damaged hair your ends can look multiple shades darker than the top of your hair.

In the salon a professional will look at your hair to determine how far down the strand to apply the color and to determine how long to leave the application on. A professional can also determine whether you need a fortifying treatment or professional product to use to help rebuild proteins and fill in the “holes” in your hair strands.

3) I Destroyed My Cabinet with Stain!
We have heard more horror stories about stained grout, cabinets and tiles from dark damaging color. Not to mention messed up towels and destroyed clothing. Having a professional apply your color ensures your home stays stain-free.


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