3 Must Know Hair Fixes

“As a hairstylist, I understand the frustration that summer humidity can cause you with your hair, so I put together a few tips and trick that I use everyday for myself and my guests,”  Caitlin Davis, Hair Designer

Summer weather got your hair in a tizzy? Try one of these great tricks/tips and have a happy hair day!

1) Braids are Back: Don’t feel like battling the humidity and frizz? Try a cute and easy braid to control your hair yet still look chic.  Apply a light shine mist to control frizz and add shine then do a simple braid or fishtail and bring it along to one side of your head.  Add in a flower or wide headband and show off your Bohemian side! Don’t know how to braid your own hair?  Click here for tips on how to do a knotted braid!

Product Pick: Illuminate Shine Mist by Eufora. Hold 6-8 inches from dry hair to spray a light even mist. Work in with fingers to add shine and eliminate frizz. Best part it has UV protection! (Click for more information of Illuminate Shine Mist)


2) Waves & Texture: Bring the beach to you with a texturizing spray.  Apply the spray to damp hair, scrunch and diffuse or air dry for wavy textured soft curls.

Product Pick: Sea Spritz by Eufora. Spray liberally to damp hair and scrunch, adds texture and volume for a beachy tousled look. Want softer waves? Try Behave by Eufora and air dry or diffuse. (Click for more information on Sea Spritz)

3) Pony Up: Ponytails are a great way to keep hair out of your face on a busy day while still looking chic. You can achieve a voluminous ponytail by adding in a dry spray at your hair then tease a little and smooth out any bumps. Next collect your hair with a hair tie, pull through and secure tightly. Pull a few thin strands around your face to soften the look.    To pop that ponytail up click for more tips.

Product Pick: Full Effect dry texturizing spray by Eufora to add texture and volume before styling. Shake and apply throughout your hair. (Click for more information on Full Effect)

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