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5 Quick Holiday Hair Fixes

We've all been there... you got up early to do your hair and makeup (which looks fabulous) but then the constant checking in the oven, stirring steamy pots and all the last minute to-dos begin to pile up. Next thing you know, your guests are about to arrive and your fab hair is now a hot mess. Here…
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Hair Drying Tips to Avoid Frizz

Guests are always looking for tips on how to keep their hair looking healthy and frizz free. One of the first things you'll hear our stylists tell a guest is use the proper products/styling aides at home, the second tip will be to use the proper tools. We asked Kami, one of our blowout specialists, for a…
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6 Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Is your hair dry with fly-away "staticy" ends? Numerous factors contribute to dry damaged hair. Heated styling tools, hair dryers, over shampooing your hair, chemical processes even the environment can contribute to dry and damaged hair. The good news is that there are very simple things you can do to protect your hair and keep…
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Quick Tips for Midday Hair Pick Me Up

It's the middle of your busy day and your hair is looking a little ragged. Modern Concepts Salon stylist, Danielle, offers a few tips to help give a little pick me up back to your hair, and just maybe your whole day :-) Start your day right: To maintain your look longer, start your day…
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